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Condolences to the People of Norway appreciated


In July, the Chairman of the Port Arthur Historic Site Management Authority, Dr Barry Jones, wrote to the Norwegian Ambassador in Canberra to express our organisation's sympathy and condolences in the aftermath of that nation's tragic massacre. The following response was recently received:



The Hon. Barry Jones AO

Chair Port Arthur Historic Site Management Authority

Port Arthur Historic Site

Arthur Highway

Port Arthur TAS 7182



Dear Sir,

12 August 2011

Your condolences and sympathy in the wake of the tragic events in Norway on Friday 22 July have been a source of support at a very difficult time. Please accept my most sincere gratitude.

The horrific and brutal acts of terrorism in Norway are a national tragedy. They were also attacks on our humanity and our fundamental values: openness, inclusion, engagement and democracy. In the aftermaths the Norwegian Government has repeatedly confirmed that the attacks will not change the nature of our democracy.

Norway will continue its international commitment to the values we believe in, and continue to stand up for them.

Yours sincerely,

Siren Gjerne Eriksen