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Tasdance treat for Port Arthur Picnic


Tasmania’s acclaimed contemporary dance company, Tasdance, will perform at the Port Arthur Picnic on Sunday 30 March.

The Minister for Environment, Parks, Heritage and the Arts, Michelle O’Byrne, said cultural events are an integral part of the appeal of the Port Arthur Historic Site.

“The Tasdance performance will be a real treat for picnic-goers and meets with the Historic Site’s aim of regularly hosting special events including Ten Days on the Island and performances by local and visiting artists,” Ms O’Byrne said.

“The dance event will be complemented by local music acts, including Cow Jones and the All Ordinaries injecting their own unique and quirky ‘country and eastern’ fun into the afternoon, and roving musical comedy duo the Underwater Tiger Wrestlers.

“It will be a wonderful family day and visitors can bring picnic lunches or sample some of the local produce available.”

The Historic Site cafes will be open and a gourmet barbecue stall will offer Tasman Peninsula wallaby burgers, venison sausages and barbecued quail. Fresh espresso coffee and local wines will also be available.

The entertainment begins at 10.30am with the Underwater Tiger Wrestlers. Cow Jones and the All Ordinaries will perform from 12.30pm and Tasdance at 2pm.

Tasdance’s One for Sorrow, Two for Joy is a series of short dance works, including a solo excerpt from the company’s full-length work Mercy: A Dance for the Forgotten which was featured as part of Ten Days on the Island in 2007. The work explored the universal theme of survival in the face of unimaginable hardship, through Tasmania's convict past to imprisonment under present repressive regimes.

The entertainment is included in site entry fee. More information and bookings are available by calling the Historic Site on 1800 659 101 or visiting

Tasdance treat for Port Arthur Picnic

Tasdance give an outdoor performance

Tasdance treat for Port Arthur Picnic


Tasdance treat for Port Arthur Picnic

Andrew Smith, ringleader of The All Ordinaries

Tasdance treat for Port Arthur Picnic

The 'Wahini Wigglers' perform with the band