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Port Arthur best in national heritage tourism


The Port Arthur Historic Site has been recognised as Australia’s top cultural heritage tourism destination in The Australian Travel and Tourism Awards.

Port Arthur CEO Stephen Large said the national award highlights the growing reputation of Port Arthur.

“It demonstrates the high level of appreciation that Australians have for the Site, its heritage values and the excellent tourism experiences it offers,” he said.

“This award will strengthen the profile of the Port Arthur Historic Site and help with our bid for World Heritage Listing.”

The awards were run by The Australian newspaper with readers asked to vote for a shortlisted selection of tourism businesses in specific categories covering areas such as accommodation, family-focussed tourism and culinary experiences.

“Port Arthur was nominated in the ‘Best Heritage Tourism’ category where was up against last year’s winner, The Australian War Memorial in Canberra.

“Port Arthur has an extraordinary history, but it is the team that works to conserve it and to bring its stories alive for visitors, as well as looking after their needs, that makes Port Arthur a wonderful experience for more than a quarter of a million people every year.”

Mr Large said the award will also benefit the local economy through increased attention and visitation.

“We are pleased that the work undertaken at the Site provides benefits of employment and training to the local community and that increased visitation to the Site resulting from its increasing profile will bolster economic benefits and support the local economy.”

Port Arthur best in national heritage tourism

The Port Arthur Historic Site from Scorpion Rock

Port Arthur best in national heritage tourism

A guide shows the Site to visitors

Port Arthur best in national heritage tourism

Visitors explore the dockyard

Port Arthur best in national heritage tourism

Port Arthur's interpretation and the experiences it offers visitors are enhancing its reputation