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Recently-arrived migrants offered insight into Port Arthur's history


On Sunday 8 November, 223 migrants, refugees, humanitarian entrants and International students from the University of Tasmania were provided with the opportunity to visit the Port Arthur Historic Site as part of Tasmania Day celebrations.

On arrival at Port Arthur Historic Site the visitors were given a tour with Port Arthur’s expert guides. Interpreters accompanied the groups, helping them get the most from their visit.

The Tasman Peninsula Rotary Club supported the event by providing lunch for all participants. During the afternoon, everyone had the opportunity to enjoy a harbor cruise or continue to walk around the site.

Organiser Anne Hamilton from the Migrant Resource Centre reported that the day had been ‘brilliant’, and offered some wonderful comments about their experience of one of Australia’s key heritage sites:

This place (Port Arthur) is so peaceful it’s like heaven!
Reminds me of the river Nile!
Loved it!
I learnt a lot about Australia’s history!
Can we do this again?
Great day – great food and great friends to do it with!
THANK YOU for a great day out!
Saw a lot of countryside – I’ve never been further than Hobart!

The event was organised by the Migrant Resource Centre, with a small grant from the State Government to help with transport. PAHSMA provided free entry to the guests.

Recently-arrived migrants offered insight into Port Arthur

The visitors were given a guided tour of Port Arthur.

Recently-arrived migrants offered insight into Port Arthur

For many of the visitors, this was their first chance to travel outside of Hobart, and to learn something of Australia's heritage.

Recently-arrived migrants offered insight into Port Arthur

Local Rotarians helped by providing lunch for the special guests. Photos courtesy of the Migrant Resource Centre.