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New marketing campaign for Port Arthur Historic Sites


There is a great deal to see and do at the Port Arthur Historic Sites, with engaging experiences, tours and interactive interpretive displays to explore. To inspire visitors and to help them understand a little more about this range of experiences and to plan their visit with enough time to fully enjoy them, The Port Arthur Historic Site Management Authority (PAHSMA) has launched a striking new marketing campaign under the banner ‘Amazing stories, epic history’.

Central to the campaign is a new series of eight print advertisements, each focussing on a different historical figure from the Port Arthur Historic Sites. Each advertisement offers a quote by or about the character, and a tantalising snippet of their story, as well as highlighting the particular part of the Historic Sites and the visitor experience relevant to that character.

The reader or viewer is encouraged to “discover more for themselves”, in particular by visiting the Port Arthur Historic Sites website. A new website, currently in the final stages of development, will feature a dynamic link to the characters and their stories on its home page. Visitors can click through and read more or download profiles giving more details of their history and the visitor experiences available at the Port Arthur Historic Sites.

The characters featured are:

David Hoy, Master Shipwright, who ‘treated the men as human beings, not as caged beasts’

William Riley, an ‘inoffensive, orderly’ boy who was transported at fourteen and a murderer by twenty-nine.

Margaret Dalziel, a Scottish highwaywoman who was assigned as a servant to Port Arthur’s Commandant.

William Thompson, who spent a year underground at the Coal Mines, where he was harnessed with three other men to drag loaded coal carts.

William Champ, a Commandant at Port Arthur who had a passion for plants and gardens. He even preferred them to beer!

Richard Pinches, a convict in the Separate Prison, who obtained a set of keys from drunken and incompetent warders.

Mark Jeffrey, a convict gravedigger who struggled his whole life for justice.

Robert Young, a soldier who drowned at just twenty years of age in a boating accident at Port Arthur. His story would have been lost if not for the compassion of his friends.

The advertisements have started appearing in local and national publications.

Read more about Private Robert Young (pdf)

New marketing campaign for Port Arthur Historic Sites

The first in the series of eight advertisements based on real historical figures features Private Robert Young, who drowned at Port Arthur aged just 20.