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First-hand convict experience at this week's Port Arthur Talk


Julia Clark will discuss the life and times of William Thompson, convict, at this week's Port Arthur Talk. A convict who 'did time' at both Port Arthur and the Coal Mines, Thompson is the subject of a recently-published book, edited by Clark.

Transported in 1841, William was a skilled shoemaker, a trade he turned to his personal and often illegal advantage. He spent time at many probation stations, including the Coal Mines and Port Arthur. Interviewed about his experiences by photographer John Watt Beattie when he was in his eighties, he had a remarkable
memory for events and people. He gives us a picture of the convict system from the inside, often surprising, sometimes moving, but always fascinating.

Julia trained as an archaeologist but has spent all her professional life in museums. She managed Interpretation and the collections at Port Arthur for eight years. She now works part time on special projects, one of which was the recent publication of William Thompson’s memoirs.

ALL WELCOME - Free event
Wednesday 20 January, 2010 at 5.30pm
Junior Medical Officer’s Conference Room, Port Arthur Historic Site
For more information call 03 6251 2324

First-hand convict experience at this week

William Thompson in studio, photographed by John Watt Beattie (reproduced courtesy Allport Library, State Library of Tasmania)