A British solider guarding Tasmanian convicts - Private Robert Young

Image of Port Arthur Soldier(Credit: PAHSMA (photo by Peter Whyte), 2006)


This page has a range of videos relating to the Port Arthur Historic Site, including TV promos and slideshows to help inspire and plan a visit.

Further information on the historical figures included in the three TV promos can be found under the History tab.

More details about ways that you can support the conservation of the Port Arthur Historic Sites is available under the Support Us tab at the top of the screen.

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Plan your visit to Port Arthur with these short videos.

An introduction to visiting the Port Arthur Historic Site

Explore Port Arthur with our range of fascinating guided tours

Join us for a Port Arthur Ghost Tour - if you dare!

Dine at Felons Bistro when you visit the Port Arthur

Introduction to the Port Arthur Historic Site

Port Arthur Historic Site Management Authority Fundraising Committee Chairman Dr Barry Jones introduces the Port Arthur Historic Site.

Port Arthur Historic Site Promotional Videos


TV Promo - Meet Robert Young

The first of a series of television promos produced to reveal just some of the many stories of the Port Arthur Historic Sites. Private Robert Young was a soldier who drowned accidentally at Port Arthur, aged just 20.

TV Promo - Meet William Riley

William Riley was a convict who was driven to murder at Port Arthur. He and his victim are remembered in our nightly Ghost Tours.

TV Promo - Meet David Hoy

David Hoy was a master shipwright who believed in treating the convicts in his care as human beings as he led them to build fine ships at Port Arthur's dockyard.

TV Promo - Port Arthur from the air

A TV promo that was broadcast from 2007 until early 2010, using some stunning helicopter footage of the Isle of the Dead and Port Arthur site, giving an indication of what a stunning and spectacular part of the world this is.