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Ghost Tour at Port Arthur, Tasmania

Join a ghost tour at the Port Arthur Historic Site near Hobart, Tasmania

Ghost Tour

Watch our short video to get a sense of what you're in for when you join our lantern-lit walking tour of the Port Arthur Historic Site by night. 

Unlike many other ghost tours around the world, visitors on our Ghost Tours have exclusive access to our World Heritage listed Site, so the atmosphere won't be shattered by crowds or traffic.

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Some stories last more than a lifetime

Darkness falls and a hidden side of historic Port Arthur emerges. This is a different place after sunset, full of mystery and intrigue. Flickering lantern light draws you close to hear tales from long ago.

Rich storytelling and pathways through darkened ruins and heritage buildings reveal bizarre occurrences during Port Arthur’s history, baffling and alarming convicts, free settlers, soldiers and today’s visitors alike.

Listen to first hand accounts of prisoners and soldiers that will resonate in your mind long after the lantern dims at the end of the night.

Real people’s stories

Black-cloaked tour guides vividly recount real people’s documented stories of sightings and unexplained occurrences of the past.

180 years of stories

With its sometimes violent, sometimes cruel European history dating back to 1830, Port Arthur is a unique place where spine tingling tales make a memorable impression.

One of Australia’s most haunted sites

Almost two centuries of documented sightings and reports of paranormal activity make Port Arthur’s after dark atmosphere intense. Truth or myth? Either way, the silence and soft glow of the lantern can make those long-gone seem very close at hand.

The original and still the best

After sharing the hidden side of the convict settlement for more than 20 years, Port Arthur remains Australia’s “must do” ghost tour experience.

A Port Arthur ghost tour walks through the ruins of the convict church

Ghost Tours operate every evening except Christmas Day.

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