Convict brick making mould at Port Arthur

A mould used for making convict-style bricks, a popular component of Port Arthur's family activities program.(Credit: PAHSMA, 2010)

On-site education activities

Our on-site education activities have been developed by our Education Officer in line with the Australian Curriculum and can be added when you make your online booking.

They are not only educationally relevant, they are entertaining and engaging!

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Each of the on-site education activities are available for schools to book as part of their site visit. Simply indicate your preferences on the Online Booking Form. Costing is as follows; 

1. One activity only:
    The first activity booked will be at a cost of $5 per head with a minimum total cost of $100.

2. More than one activity;
    Any additional activity will be at a cost of $3 per head with a minimum total cost of $60.

Each activity has resource material for use in the classroom before and after your site visit. These are PDF files and can be downloaded from the Classroom Resources - On-site education activities page.

What's My Story?

Upper Primary and Secondary

Decipher a convict record and discover the person behind the number

Students study copies of the original handwritten conduct records of individual convicts who were transported to Van Diemen’s Land and who spent time at Port Arthur. Working like ‘detectives’ examining the evidence of the records and artefacts linked to the convicts, students make predictions and draw conclusions about a convict’s life, their character and trade. 

Activity duration is approximately 50 minutes 

Available on weekdays only

Kids activities at Port Arthur historic site

Brick Making

Lower Primary to Secondary

How did they do it? Make a quarter size convict brick to take home.  

Students discuss briefly the nature of bricks from around the Port Arthur Historic Site and the variety of types. We will handle and look closely at original convict bricks and when students have gained a little knowledge about the processes involved they will have the chance to create their own brick to take home, complete with their thumbprints!

Activity duration is approximately 50 minutes

Available on weekdays only

Hidden Secrets


Uncover the small things about Port Arthur which reveal so much...

Port Arthur is full of really big things from the past to look at. These are really easy to see as you walk around. Port Arthur also hides some of its secrets, and these are the small things that you cannot easily see. Although they are small, they are still able to tell us a lot about the people who lived here.

Students get to walk the site and discover a side of Port Arthur which is often overlooked; kitchen rubbish left behind, a name scratched into stonework possibly by a soldier on duty. Little things which bring us closer to the people of Port Arthur and the life they once had. This tour also offers a valuable heritage lesson about preserving and conserving the past for future generations.

Activity duration is approximately 50 minutes

Available on weekdays only