Heritage Management

An archaeologist with a new convict artefact find at Port Arthur

An archaeologist with a new convict artefact find at Port Arthur(Credit: PAHSMA (photo by Peter Whyte), 2004)


The archaeological value of the Port Arthur Historic Sites are found in the structures, deposits, objects and cultural landscapes that connect living communities with the sites’ pasts. 

Through archaeology a range of past meanings for each place and its setting can be rediscovered and shared.


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Archaeological research at the historic sites focuses primarily on convict-related topics, however Aboriginal and post-convict archaeological values of the sites are also acknowledged and managed.

Port Arthur has played an important role in the development of standards for historical archaeological practice in Australia, and continues to play a leading role in archaeological education and public engagement.

Port Arthur’s archaeological collections are an important research resource, and are in the process of being re-catalogued to facilitate access.

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