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The Port Arthur Ghost tour in parsonage, where there are stories of uneasy souls and death

The Port Arthur Ghost tour in parsonage, where there are stories of uneasy souls and death

Ghost Tour frequently-asked questions

Answers to frequently asked questions about Port Arthur's spine-tingling Ghost Tours.

If you have any other queries, please contact our Ticketing Counter staff or phone 1800 659 101 (a free call from within Australia).

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What do I need to wear?

Warm and comfortable clothing.  Sturdy footwear is essential.  (No high heels.)  For safety reasons, umbrellas are not allowed on Ghost Tours, so wet weather clothing is required if the weather is inclement (ponchos are sold at the counter). 

Are Ghost Tours suitable for children?

This depends on the age and ‘stage’ of your children.  Ghost Tours are popular with older children.  If your child is very young, very active or tends to suffer with nightmares, then Ghost Tours may not be suitable. If your child is disruptive to the tour, your guide will request that you leave the tour.

Is the Ghost Tour scary?

There are no special effects on Ghost Tours, but the story telling and the atmosphere of the Port Arthur Historic Site at night-time creates a fantastic experience.

What happens if I need to leave the tour early?

Please speak to your guide and they will arrange for you to return to the Visitor Centre safely.

Is the Ghost Tour suitable for disabled/wheelchairs?

Visitors with a disability are strongly encouraged to speak to the counter staff.  Ghost Tours pose significant challenges for anyone with mobility restrictions. The tours involve around 2kms of walking, often in very low light levels, uneven terrain and numerous steps. Unfortunately only around one third of our Ghost Tour is accessible by wheelchair.

Are cameras allowed on Ghost Tours?

Cameras that take still photographs are allowed, but flashes can only be used at certain times. Your guide will give directions as to when they can be used. Video cameras are not permitted.

Can I smoke on a Ghost Tour?

No.  Smoking is not permitted on Ghost Tours.

Is alcohol permitted on Ghost Tours?

No.  Alcohol is not permitted on Ghost Tours and people who are under the influence of alcohol are not permitted on the tours.

Are tickets refundable?

No.  Tickets are not refundable.

What happens if it rains?

Tours go ahead.  

How long does the Ghost Tour last?

About 90 minutes duration.

Are Ghost Tours different from the guided day tours?

Yes they are.  Daytime history, night-time mystery.

Are we allowed to camp in the car-park overnight?

Strictly no one is allowed to stay overnight in the car-park.  The boom gates are locked and if anyone remains in the car-park they will not be able to leave until the gates are unlocked the next morning.  This poses a major risk in case of bush fire (unable to escape) or a medical emergency, etc. 

Where do Ghost Tours start from?

From the Port Arthur Historic Site Visitor Centre

Is there only one Ghost Tour?

Because Ghost Tours are so popular, several tours operate every night. At busy times of the year, tours may take different routes.

Do I need to book in advance?

Yes.  Booking is essential as Ghost Tours are very popular.