Records and whip - just two examples of the  artefacts and Australian convict records at Port Arthur

Records and whip

Port Arthur Talks

The Port Arthur Historic Site Management Authority presents this semi-regular series of talks by authoritative speakers on a variety of topics, ranging from history and conservation to environmental issues, research results, study tours and much more.

The talks are held every couple of months at the Port Arthur Historic Site, are free of charge and open to anyone who is interested in the topic. Rich and varied subjects and speakers make for fascinating listening and discussion.

For more information about our Port Arthur Talks, please phone +61 (0)3 6251 2324.

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Tuesday 9 September, 2014

'Well known here as a daring burglar'

presented by Julia Clark

How effective were the colonial police in dealing with the ex-convict habitual offender? It seems strange that the well-known photographs of many of these men, taken at Port Arthur in 1873-4, were apparently not used to hunt down recidivists, as they were in other colonies. What other strategies did the police employ? What was their secret weapon?            

Trained as an archaeologist, and having worked in museums, galleries and as a consultant, Julia spent the last 12 years of her career as manager of Interpretation and Collections at Port Arthur, where she was able to combine her interest in convict history and photography in research that has become her PhD thesis.

Tuesday 9 September, 2014 at 5.30pm at the Junior Medical Officer’s Conference Room, Port Arthur Historic Site.

For more information call 6251 2324

Port Arthur Talk leaflet - Julia Clark

Tuesday 25 November, 2014

Edward Murphy's signal charts

presented by Mark Risby

Details coming soon.

Thursday 12 February, 2015

Tasmanian Devils on the Tasmanian and Forestier Peninsulas ~ an update

presented by Stewart Huxtable

Details coming soon.