The story of William Thompson a famous Australian convict

The story of William Thompson a famous Australian convict


Many publications are available on the history, conservation and interpretation of the Port Arthur Historic Site. From guide books and ghost stories, to archaeology reports and histories, a wealth of information is at hand for those wanting to know more about this fascinating site.

PAHSMA has published a number of  books that add to this impressive collection, and is committed to an on-going programme that will continue to add new titles to the list.

These titles are available from our Gift Shop, and from selected bookshops.

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The following PAHSMA publications are available from our Gift Shop.

  • Caught in the Act: Unusual Offences of Port Arthur Convicts [JPG 3KB]

    Compiled from convict records, Caught in the Act relates some of the more 'unusual' offences committed by convicts who came through Port Arthur. 51 pages. Softcover. A5. $7.65(Credit: PAHSMA, 2004)

  • Gardens of Exile [JPG 13KB]

    At convict Port Arthur, gardens formed a dominant motif, ranging from those designed to supplement rations, to those used as a retreat by free officers and their wives. This is the lavishly illustrated history of those gardens. 30 pages. Illustrated. Softcover. $9.95

  • Pack of Thieves? 52 Port Arthur Lives [JPG 10KB]

    Our best selling book. Pack of Thieves traces the lives of 52 convicts who arrived at Port Arthur during the 1830s. 125 pages. Softcover. A5 $10.95 Packs of playing cards illustrated with the 52 'convicts', as used with our Convict Gallery, are also available from our Gift Shop.

  • A Harbour Large Enough to Admit a Whole Fleet [JPG 38KB]

    Released in October 2004, this publication delves into the fascinating maritime history and archaeology of convict Port Arthur and the Tasman Peninsula. It also compares it with other 19th century shipyards throughout the British Empire. 99 pages. 22 illustrations. Softcover. $14.95

  • Transcribing Tasmanian Convict Records [JPG 21KB]

    Do you have a convict ancestor? This 'how-to guide provides information for those wishing to search and decipher the often difficult Tasmanian convict records. Includes the meaning of the more commonly used abbreviations. 63 pages. Illustrated guide. Softcover. A4 $17.95

  • The Career of William Thompson, Convict [PDF 160KB]

    William Thompson was a twenty-one year old shoemaker when he was transported for Life for burglary. In 1900 noted Tasmanian photographer John Watt Beattie wrote down 80 year old Thompson’s reminiscences. This narrative covers his life story in Van Diemen’s Land from his arrival in 1841 to his departure from the convict system almost 12 years later. Paper, $34.95