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PAHSMA's Executive Management team

Key Staff

The Port Arthur Historic Site Management Authority employs professionals with skills in a wide range of disciplines.

To contact any particular staff member or area of the organisation, please see the Contact Us page.

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Chief Executive Officer - Stephen Large

Director of Conservation & Infrastructure – Jane Harrington

Director of Tourism Operations – Anne McVilly

Chief Financial Officer – Nicky Roberts

Human Resources Manager – Carol Armstrong

Marketing Manager – Andrew Ross

Marketing and Sales Coordinator - Kate McCarthy

Visitor Services Manager– Maria Stacey

Guiding Manager – Jake Bradshaw

Food and Beverage Coordinator – Sarah Morse

Retail Manager – Robyn Bradshaw

Heritage Programs Manager (Interpretation) – Jody Steele

Conservation Manager – Lucy Burke-Smith

Grounds and Gardens Supervisor – Naomi Jeffs

Buildings and Works Supervisor – Marty Passingham

Resource Centre Manager – Susan Hood

Archaeology Manager – David Roe

Functions and Events Coordinator – Danny McKenzie

Cascades Female Factory Historic Site Manager - Greta McDonald