Heritage Management

Kitchen display at the Commandants House museum at Port Arthur

A display of kitchen items from the collections of the Port Arthur Historic Site Management Authority(Credit: PAHSMA (photo by Peter Whyte), 2005)


PAHSMA holds a small collection of convict-related artefacts, much of which is on museum display.

This collection also includes some furniture and a small number of photographs that are not on display.

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Our furnished houses contain a range of 19th-century items. These assist in telling the story at Port Arthur, but only a few originally came from here.

There is a small collection of material related to the tragedy of 1996. This collection is currently closed to the public.

Our historic collections database is not currently open to public access. If you are researching convict artefacts or your interest lies in historic images we will do our best to help. Please contact us.

Both the Tasmanian Museum & Art Gallery and Queen Victoria Museum & Art Gallery hold large and varied collections of related artefacts and images, and are well worth contacting for research purposes.