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Meet some of the real-life historical characters behind the amazing stories of the Port Arthur Historic Sites. You can read about them on line, or download a fact sheet. Then you can plan your visit to Port Arthur, where you can discover more for yourself...

The Convict Era

Follow the history of Port Arthur, from timber camp to industrial powerhouse and prison at the forefront of criminal reform methods.

Post-convict Era

Almost as soon as it closed as a prison, tourists began to visit Port Arthur, and it also became a home and the centre of social life in the district.

Sunday 28 April 1996

Description of the events of Sunday 28 April 1996

World Heritage

The Port Arthur and Coal Mines Historic Sites are two of eleven historic places that together form the Australian Convict Sites World Heritage Property.

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  • Meet William Thompson

    William Thompson was a convict who spent twelve months underground at the Coal Mines.

  • Meet William Champ

    Commandant William Champ's lifelong passion was plants and gardens. He even preferred them to beer!

  • Meet Henry Singleton

    Henry Singleton was confined in the Separate Prison to be reformed through contemplation of his sins.