The World Heritage listed Port Arthur Historic Site From Scorpion Rock

View of the Port Arthur Historic Site from Scorpion Rock(Credit: PAHSMA, photograph by Joe Shemesh, 2007)

Podcast - plan your visit

If you are planning to visit the Port Arthur Historic Site to engage with Australia's convict heritage, you should download and listen to this podcast.

It is ideal to download and play in your vehicle whilst en route to the Port Arthur Historic Site in Tasmania. It offers an introduction to the site, the tours available and all the attractions and services you'll need to make the most of your visit.

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Port Arthur... 'a machine to grind rogues into honest men...'

Such was the vision for the Port Arthur penal settlement - a bold experiment and groundbreaking attempt at reform and rehabilitation for the convicts of the colony of Van Diemans Land.

Port Arthur was a key part of the colonial system of convict discipline. Remote, harsh, with no chance of escape, this was the perfect destination for hardened, repeat offenders.

But Port Arthur was much more than a prison.

Port Arthur is a place that every Australian, and all international visitors with a wish to understand more of Australia and Australians, should visit.

These pages offer details about what you can see and do when you do make the journey, so that your experience will be memorable, meaningful and enjoyable.

This podcast has been recorded to offer insights and assistance to planning your visit so that you get the most out of visiting this extraordinary place. Download it and perhaps play it in the car as you drive to Port Arthur.

More information to help plan your visit

Taking a few minutes to browse the following pages may help further in planning and having the best possible experience when you visit us.

  • Explore the Port Arthur and Tasman region

    Remember, your Port Arthur entry pass is valid for two days, so take your time and make the most of your visit by spending a night or two in the area.

  • Suggested itineraries

    From a few hours to a few days, here are a few suggested itineraries.

  • Find somewhere to stay

    With entry passes to Port Arthur valid for two days, it would be a shame to rush one of Australia's great heritage experiences. Stay a night or two and take your time.

  • How to get to Port Arthur

    Transport options, maps and information to help you find your way to us.

  • Be prepared

    The Port Arthur Historic Site is an outdoor site and is subject to sudden changes of weather. Being adequately prepared for your visit will ensure that your day is both safe and comfortable.

  • Port Arthur Visitor Guide [PDF 4MB]

    You will be offered a printed visitor guide on arrival; but you may like to download a copy to read in advance. It contains lots of information on the history of the area and what to see while you are there. Our Visitor Guide is available in several languages. Other languages are available under the Research tab, on the Publications page.

  • What ticket do you need?

    Our daytime passes are valid for two days, but some include optional extras.